Alfred Wegener Museum

The Alfred Wegener Museum in Zechlinerhütte has been in our area of responsibility since 2009.
Alfred Wegener (1880-1930) spent his childhood vacations here. He was a “Viking of science” who wanted to uncover the secrets of nature with his own observations. He originated the theory of plate tectonics and undertook four journeys in the polar region. He died on his major Greenland expedition of 1930.
The museum presents the researcher’s life and sensitizes viewers to issues of climate change.

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Opening hours:

The museum will remain closed until May 2023!

phone number:  033931-39 007

Guiding principle of the museum

At the center of our work is collecting, preserving, researching, and presenting materials on the life and work of Kurt Tucholsky.
In accordance with our social task, we work actively with Tucholsky as a model for the spirit of tolerance and understanding.
By focusing on Kurt Tucholsky and the literary publications of the Weimar Republic, we place ourselves in the Enlightenment and democratic tradition that addresses the intellectual standards and everyday problems of modern humanity. The guideline of our activity is always the international ICOM code of ethnics for museums.


Annual letter 2022

Prices + guided tours

Museum and gallery:

adults: 4,- Euro
reduced: 3,- Euro
Family ticket: 8,- Euro
(2 adults with children up to 14)

School classes,
per student: 1,- Euro

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