Publications of the Museum

Prussia is supposed to be nice here : Fifty poets in residence in Rheinsberg invent a poetic province

Publisher: Dr. Peter Böthig

with etchings by Ralf Hentrich

Quintus publishing house, 2020. 272 p.

ISBN: 978-3-947215-72-0

10,00 €

Where were you in the war, sir- ?
Kurt Tucholsky in the 1st world war

Catalog of the exhibition by Wolfgang Sax and Dr. Peter Böhtig (2015)

9,90 €

"There the houses stand, and let themselves be housed..." Kurt Tucholsky's places of residence in Berlin.

Sunhild Pflug

Frankfurter Buntbücher 56.

Verlag für Berlin-Brandenburg, 2015. 30 pages.

ISBN: 978-3-945256-06-0

8,00 €

Kurt Tucholsky: Mr. Wendriner and the Lottchen (2014).

Peter Böthig and Carina Stewen (Ed.). Publisher for Berlin-Brandenburg 2014. 96 p.

7,90 €

Sheet-fed printing of the Rheinsberg poets in residence (since 1995)

5,00 €

Rheinsberg. a Story Book for Lovers (2012).

Special edition for the 100th anniversary of the booklet. Drawings by Silke Thal. Edition Rieger.

9,95 €

Peter Böthig, Alexandra Brach (2010):

Else Weil. Fragments of a German-Jewish path of life.

7,00 €

Peter Böthig (2010): In the house of the seven forests. Lola Landau and Armin T. Wegner in Neuglobsow.

Frankfurter Buntbücher 49.

Peter Böthig (2009): Alfred Wegener. Meteorologist. Polar explorer. Geoscientist.

5,00 €

Peter Böthig, Stefanie Oswalt (2005): Jews in Rheinsberg. A search for traces.

Edition Rieger. 184 p., with b/w illustrations.

14,90 €

Guiding principle of the museum

At the center of our work is collecting, preserving, researching, and presenting materials on the life and work of Kurt Tucholsky.
In accordance with our social task, we work actively with Tucholsky as a model for the spirit of tolerance and understanding.
By focusing on Kurt Tucholsky and the literary publications of the Weimar Republic, we place ourselves in the Enlightenment and democratic tradition that addresses the intellectual standards and everyday problems of modern humanity. The guideline of our activity is always the international ICOM code of ethnics for museums.


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