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Bag / backpack (with cord to close)

Inscription: The five pseudonyms of Kurt Tucholsky

Material mix (recycled cotton and recycled polyester)

8,95 €

Medal "Else Weil" from Latvian porcelain 2017

Design: Sebastian Paul, Berlin; white and unglazed; edition of 60

68,00 €



Red wine

Special Edition of the Kurt Tucholsky Literature Museum with the aphorism of Kurt Tucholsky: "It is a pity that you cannot caress a wine.
Our dry Spätburgunder is a "Wasenweiler" from Ihringen in Baden.

8,90 €

with wine bag 10,40 €

White wine

Special edition of the city of Rheinsberg with the aphorism from Kurt Tucholsky's Rheinsberg. a Story Book for Lovers: "We want to make memories that spark!
The dry Pinot Blanc is a "Wasenweiler" from Lotberg in Baden.

8,90 €

with wine bag 10,40 €


blue, with the inscription "The weather is to blame for everything" Kurt Tucholsky

16,00 €


green, red, yellow, blue, with quotation

each 0,25 €

Eraser with inscription

"A genius is one who can make the same mistake twice without getting nervous. Kurt Tucholsky"

3,50 €


Sheet-fed printing of the Rheinsberg Poets in Residenz

appears every six month

4,00 €

Pencil with eraser protection cap

green, with the inscription: "There are many kinds of noise, but only one silence. Kurt Tucholsky

2,00 €

Ballpen blue

with the inscription "Well written is well thought. Kurt Tucholsky

blue font

2,50 €

Guiding principle of the museum

At the center of our work is collecting, preserving, researching, and presenting materials on the life and work of Kurt Tucholsky.
In accordance with our social task, we work actively with Tucholsky as a model for the spirit of tolerance and understanding.
By focusing on Kurt Tucholsky and the literary publications of the Weimar Republic, we place ourselves in the Enlightenment and democratic tradition that addresses the intellectual standards and everyday problems of modern humanity. The guideline of our activity is always the international ICOM code of ethnics for museums.


Annual letter 2020

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