Archive and Library

The archive and library (approx. 50,000 objects) are the foundations of the museum's work. Our collection focuses on the literary journalism of the Weimar Republic, especially the world stage, books and testimonies of contemporaries as well as biographical and scientific literature on Kurt Tucholsky. The collection includes all of Kurt Tucholsky's first editions, an extensive collection of photographs and a reconstruction of his library. Special collections include the biographical collections on Kurt Tucholsky's first wife Else Weil, the poets Armin T. Wegner and Erich Arendt, and the natural scientist Alfred Wegener.

Guiding principle of the museum

At the center of our work is collecting, preserving, researching, and presenting materials on the life and work of Kurt Tucholsky.
In accordance with our social task, we work actively with Tucholsky as a model for the spirit of tolerance and understanding.
By focusing on Kurt Tucholsky and the literary publications of the Weimar Republic, we place ourselves in the Enlightenment and democratic tradition that addresses the intellectual standards and everyday problems of modern humanity. The guideline of our activity is always the international ICOM code of ethnics for museums.


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